November 12th, 2010

50 Jazz Education Clips That Rock

By Forrest

50 Jazz Education Clips That Rock

Here’s a collection of some of the best jazz improvisation educational video clips I’ve found. They include: Pat Martino, Jerry Bergonzi, Joe Lovano, Michael Brecker, Hal Galper, Joshua Redman, Bill Evans, John Scofield, Chris Potter, Billy Taylor, Joe Henderson, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mulgrew Miller, Oscar Peterson, Terence Blanchard, Walter Bishop Jr., and Kenny Werner. Enjoy!

Pat Martino explains some killer substitutions

More minor subs by Pat Martino

Jerry Bergonzi talking about articulation for saxophone players

More on Articulation from Jerry Bergonzi

Awesome Michael Brecker Interview (In 4 parts)

Michael Brecker talks about practicing

Michael Brecker talks about developing your own sound

Hal Galper talking about how technique is in the brain

Great clip of Hal Galper talking about musical vocabulary

Hal Galper talking about emotion

Hal Galper talking about following the changes

Hal Galper on rhythm

Hal Galper on the illusion of an instrument

Tom Harrell Masterclass

YouTube Preview Image

Wynton Marsalis demonstrates articulation and rhythm over Impressions

YouTube Preview Image

Ingrid Jensen discusses intonation and practicing with a drone

YouTube Preview Image

Avishai Cohen on his own jazz education

YouTube Preview Image

Fred Hersch on his musical training and taking creative chances

YouTube Preview Image

John Scofield on Improvisation (4 parts)

Billy Taylor talks with Charlie Rose

Chick Corea demonstrates a mirror image exercise

YouTube Preview Image

Kurt Rosenwinkel explains a pentatonic exercise

Mulgrew Miller talks about learning improvisation

Mulgrew giving advice to aspiring jazz musicians

Kenny Werner talks about Effortless Mastery (3 parts)

A close-up look at Chick Corea playing Giant Steps

YouTube Preview Image

Keith Jarrett on the art of improvisation

YouTube Preview Image

Walter Bishop explains his theory of fourths

Joe Lovano talks about the beat

Chris Potter rips the hell out of Confirmation in a masterclass

Terence Blanchard teaches at the Monk Institute

Oscar Peterson discusses different piano styles

Joshua Redman in-depth interview

Bill Evans discussing improvisation and composition

Bill Evans on playing simply

Bill Evans on Piano Jazz, just incredible (7 parts)

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