How To Play Fast Tempos

How to Play Cherokee like a Pro: 24 Melodic Tricks for Insanely Fast Tempos (Premium)



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Have you ever wondered how the best players can play incredibly fast, regardless of the key, the chords, or the tune? I’m not just talking about running memorized licks and technical patterns…I mean soloing at breakneck speed with actual melodic lines over the progression. Trying to improvise on uptempo tunes can be frustrating and the truth …

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harold mabern on practicing

How to Completely Change How You Think About Practicing: Words of Wisdom from Harold Mabern



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As he stood in the hallway, the students gathered round. You could see the crowd growing, one-by-one as the people walking by heard what was happening. Harold, animated and speaking with vibrant energy, was sharing his experiences with a group of lucky students that happened to catch him in-between classes. While I was at music …

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