Jazzadvice Courses

Our Courses are packed with information and give you the detailed direction you need to improve fast!!

  • Get Better, Faster – With step-by-step instruction, we’ll guide you on your jazz improvisation journey to make rapid improvement.
  • Stop Wasting Time – No more wondering what to practice or jumping around. We’ve done the leg work for you, simply show up.
  • Have More Fun – If it’s not fun, what’s the point? Learn to unlock new levels of curiosity & creativity, and enjoy the process.
Available individually or as a bundle

The 5 Fundamental Courses

We call these The Big 5 because they’re the essential courses that form a solid foundation for any improviser, at any level. They can be studied for a lifetime, returning to them over and over as you improve.

Jazz Theory Unlocked Course

Understand the why behind everything. Stop relying on scales & modes. And attain a deep understanding of harmony.

Over 60 Videos

15 Step-by-step Lessons

Cost: $99

The Ear Training Method For Jazz

Learn to really hear the chord changes. Be able to transcribe and learn tunes by ear. Train your ear like a jazz musician

Over 370 Audio Tracks

90 Page Guide

Cost: $99

Melodic Power Jazz Course

Stop running up & down scales. Learn to improvise with purpose. Understand the secrets behind jazz language.

Over 5 Hours of Video

42 Detailed Lessons

Cost: $99

Visualization For Jazz Improvisation Course

Stop getting lost in the chord changes. Memorize tunes easily like a pro. Think of chords, scales, & lines easily.

Over 90 Audio Tracks

179 Page Guide

Cost: $99

Reprograming the Musical Mind Course

Feel at ease and creative when performing. Clear your mind of negative thoughts. Find your love for playing music again.

9 Hours of Audio

A Clear Daily Program

Cost: $99

5 Course Bundle

Get all 5 Fundamental Courses at a discount with this Course Bundle and improve your playing faster than ever before.

All 5 Courses

Skyrocket your musicianship

Cost: $289