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Welcome to Jazzadvice! The name says it all. Jazzadvice is a rapidly growing collection of the best advice we’ve picked up along the way on our never-ending path of musical devlopment.

Whatever it may be, no matter how seemingly simple or complex, it’s advice based on experience that will make you a better musician, a more creative individual, and a more motivated force pushing you towards your own goals. So pull up a comfortable seat and stay a while.

The Purpose of This Site

The main purpose of this site is to help you grow as a musician and an individual. Specifically for the jazz-playing dorks like us, we are sharing with you things we have practiced or in many cases are practicing currently, that are helping us to improve as improvisers.

No worries if you aren’t a musician! Many of the ideas we discuss have universal applications and will benefit just about anybody who applies them to their field of expertise. You may want to skip over the ‘Practice Concepts’ category, however, cuz that’s more geared toward musicians, but perhaps it will inspire you to start playing and join the party!

Much of the advice we have was told to us directly from outstanding (and in some cases legendary) players. It is our sincere hope that the information on this site propels you to new heights and encourages you on your journey.

Get Some Advice

This site is here to help you. If you’re having trouble with a particular tune, chord sequence, group dynamics, a creative problem…seriously anything at all, we’d love to hear about it! To do this, simply hover over “Connect” and click on the link in the navigation bar that says “Get Advice.” Unfortunately, posting about all of our reader’s queries would leave us with no time to do anything else. So, every week we will select a couple reader’s questions and post some advice about them.


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