Jazzadvice Needs You!

To our beautiful readers – Jazzadvice has been around for several years now. During that time we’ve made it a point to provide you with the best possible content in a mostly ad-free environment, completely free of charge. The response has been overwhelming. We receive daily emails filled with praise and generous donations. We’re thrilled that you’ve shared and recommended Jazzadvice to as many people as you have. But we need your help…

Don’t worry, we’re not asking for money. We’re asking you to help even more people enjoy the fruits of our labors.

We have thousands of people visit the site every day, but there are a lot more people that could benefit from Jazzadvice that have still not heard about it. This is our fault. When we started Jazzadvice, we never thought it would be as big as it has become, and we never thought that people would appreciate our service as much as they have.

We didn’t start a Facebook page or a Twitter page, as we thought these things would just distract from what we wanted to do: give great content on a subject that we care deeply about. Well, we’ve accomplished that and we promise to continue. But now it’s time to spread the word.

We just launched our Facebook and Twitter pages with the hopes that you’ll become a fan and follow us. These outlets will prove to be yet another valuable resource for you. We’re not going to tweet about what we had for breakfast or how lonely we are. Instead, we’ll focus on meaningful insights that inspire and motivate.

Exciting times are coming for Jazzadvice, but we need your help to make them come to life. If you like what we’ve created, please:

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And most importantly, please tell your friends to do the same.


Forrest and Eric