Think like a pro jazz musician like Michael Brecker

How to Think Like a Pro Jazz Musician: Michael Brecker and The Power of Simplicity (Premium)



Jazz Advice and Tips, Jazz Musicians, Playing Techniques, Premium Only, Transcribing, Visualization

It sounds so complex. So difficult. So advanced. Great jazz musicians sound as though they’re implementing highly complex and difficult concepts that mere mortals could never hope to access, but in reality, professionals think simpler than you’d ever imagine. It’s the beginners and intermediates who study the pros and abstract what they think is going …

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transcribing jazz for technique

Transcribing for Technique: Improving Musicianship Through Transcription



How to Practice Jazz, Jazz Advice and Tips, Transcribing

After hours spent practicing technique: endless articulation, tone, range, and fingering exercises, are you still not matching up to what you’re hearing on your favorite records? Are those same étude books and exercises you’ve been working on for years still not cutting it? It can be very discouraging when you don’t see any improvement in …

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