20 Practice Hacks for the Busy Musician

Forrest 15 minute read

As life goes on, you tend to accumulate more and more responsibility, so it’s best to form the habits to deal with limited time right now… Invest in the right tools The right tools matter more than ever when you’re trying to save time. The right tools could mean anything ...Read More

10 Surprisingly Effective Warm-Ups for Jazz Improvisation

Eric 9 minute read

But before you jump right into an hour long practice session there is something that you should know. Something that can make your practice much more effective… Time to stretch your musical muscles We’re talking about warming up. Sure, we all practice certain exercises to polish our technique and improve ...Read More

How To Create the Perfect Solo: A Lesson With Herbie Hancock

Eric 6 minute read

This is the mark of a master musician in any style of music. The ability to create magic with the simplest of tools – rhythm, harmony and melodic statements. Transcending the details of notes and scales to create a musical message on the spot. And this is a skill that ...Read More

5 Steps to Becoming A Lyrical Master With Altered Dominants: A Lesson …

Forrest 10 minute read

The best place to start experimenting with alterations is over the dominant chord because that’s where you have the most options. But, if you’ve ever tried to alter a dominant chord before, you know that it’s not that easy. Here’s the situation… You’re about to play over a dominant chord. ...Read More

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From the Bay Area, he's lived throughout the country in California, Colorado, and New York, learning and playing music. He's studied extensively with Rich Perry, Mulgrew Miller, and a whole lot of other amazing musicians. When he's not playing saxophone, you can find him traveling, writing, trail running, and training in Muay Thai.

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Eric O'donnell

Originally from Northeast Ohio, he moved to New York/New Jersey to go to graduate school. He's studied with greats such as Bill Mobley, Mulgrew Miller, Ingrid Jensen, and many more. In his free time he's usually working out, reading, or training for a marathon.

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Jazz Visualization Course

In this course, you'll discover techniques for mastering chord symbols, chord tones and common progressions on a deeper level than ever before.

The Ear Training Method

The Ear Training Method is an in-depth ear training course designed to quickly improve your ear. Break free from the written page and play the music you hear.

Melodic Power

 A powerful Video Course & eBook for all levels, that will guide you through the nuts-and-bolts of how to improvise strong melodies on the most common chords.

Reprogram the Musical Mind

Reprogramming The Musical Mind is a 30 day audio course for every musician which reprograms your mind to reach your optimal creative state as a musician.