The Reason You Need to Start Thinking About Jazz Language Right Now…

Eric 6 minute read

You’re already practicing technique, running scales, and listening to a ton of your favorite players…and you’ve even noticed some progress in your ability to create solos. So why should you add one more item to your already packed practice list? It’s a good question…and one that many players shrug off. ...Read More

5 Simple Ways to Escape the ‘Diatonic Trap’ in Your Jazz S …

Eric 7 minute read

Many musicians share this frustration and for many it goes right back to the standard approach to improvisation that you find in most books. The mentality that each chord has a designated scale: Major scales for major chords Dorian for minor chords Mixolydian for V7 chords This is a fine ...Read More

What’s the Difference Between an Amateur and a Pro??

Eric 6 minute read

But when you actually try improvise…it’s not that simple. And the truth is, it’s not simple for anybody. But as time goes by certain players start to sound remarkably different, almost as if they’ve found a secret that makes the entire process easy. While everyone else is left struggling in ...Read More

4 Steps To Attaining Freedom With Jazz Language

Forrest 8 minute read

And it’s totally counter-intuitive… You copy, to sound original. You practice the same line over and over, to be creative. You use limitation, to find freedom. If you’re already confused, that’s okay. We’ll get there… The 4 steps to jazz language fluency Jazz is a language and acquiring useful jazz ...Read More

7 KIller Turnarounds for Your Next Jazz Solo

Eric 8 minute read

You just need to practice them in the right way… “[Turnarounds] were a series of chord changes that progressed eloquently back to the main theme of a song. They were important because they let you extend a song without making it sound like you were repeating it. From a listeners’ ...Read More

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Originally from Northeast Ohio, he moved to New York/New Jersey to go to graduate school. He's studied with greats such as Bill Mobley, Mulgrew Miller, Ingrid Jensen, and many more. In his free time he's usually working out, reading, or training for a marathon.

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