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Over the past few years we've created several fundamental courses which cover the essential elements of being a complete musician and jazz improvisor. They are all PACKED with information and give you the detailed direction you need to improve FAST.

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The Jazz Visualization Course

Jazz musicians need a ton of information at their disposal.

The technique of visualization is used by leaders in many fields and we've taken these concepts and applied them to the fundamentals of jazz improvisation. Inside you'll find techniques for mastering chord symbols, chord tones and common progressions. Imagine stepping on stage and knowing every chord in your mind before you even play a note...you can with this eBook Audio Course.

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The Melodic Power Course

The Melodic Power Course is an eBook & Video Course for all levels, that will guide you through the nuts-and-bolts of creating strong melodies on the most common chords. This course is PACKED with 42 step-by-step lessons, over 200 exercises and 5 hours of video demos!

Through this unique approach, you'll quickly acquire dozens of powerful melodic techniques that you can begin to use instantly on the chords you encounter in every jazz standard. If you've been wondering how to go from playing scales and chords to improvising strong lyrical melodies, Melodic Power is the answer!

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The Ear Training Method

The Ear Training Method is an in-depth ear training course that’s designed to quickly improve your ear so you can start achieving your musical potential. As a musician, you need to quickly and confidently hear the sounds going on around you. This course is built for the musical skills that you can use in the real world, so you can finally break free from sheet music and written chord progressions and start playing the music you hear.

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The Reprogramming the Musical Mind Course

Reprogramming The Musical Mind is a 30 day audio course for every musician. With this powerful audio course you’ll learn to reach your optimal creative state as a musician, making practice and performance easier and more fun than ever before. You’ll learn to use essential mental tools like meditation, self hypnosis, affirmation, mantras, and visualization to reprogram how you relate to the practice and performance of music.

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