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Reprogramming the Musical Mind is a 30 day audio course for every musician.

With this powerful audio course you’ll learn to reach your optimal creative state as a musician, making practice and performance easier and more fun than ever before.

Music can be frustrating

You know the feeling…

The anxiety of lying awake at night before a big performance, the frustration of spending hours in the practice room and not seeing any progress, or the disappointment of a solo that you wish had sounded better on

Each day thousands of musicians head into the practice room or walk on stage inspired and excited to create music only to find themselves caught up in competition with other players, struggling with nerves, rushing to improve, or frustrated with unproductive practice.

We’ve all experienced these musical obstacles and the inevitable feelings of self-doubt, jealousy, and discouragement that come with them.

And the real problem is that these negative feelings about music can have a lasting impact on your musical mindset, turning the joy and creative freedom that you once felt with music into a burden of anxiety and fear…

But isn’t music supposed to be fun and rewarding?

The solution starts with your mind…

The traditional approach to learning music is great for picking up the nuts and bolts of playing an instrument. Books can teach you the theory behind your favorite songs, teachers can ingrain technique, and recordings can inspire you to practice…

But the one essential piece that’s missing in this process is your mental approach to music. The thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of the person behind the instrument.

And it’s this mental approach that sets the best players apart from the many struggling musicians. To start making a real breakthrough with your music you need to learn how to approach music in a way that’s productive and inspires confidence.

You need to develop a mindset that will set you up for creative freedom and guide you through the inevitable roadblocks that every musician encounters.

It’s time to hit the reset button on the old way of approaching music…

Tap into your musical potential

That’s exactly why we’ve created Reprogramming the Musical Mind.

With this 30 day audio course you’ll focus on the one thing most musicians and courses ignore, the musician behind the instrument.

Inside we’ve taken the same techniques that sports psychologists, Olympic athletes, and other world class performers use to overcome mental obstacles and achieve peak performance and applied them to the specific challenges that musicians face everyday.

With a consistent plan aimed at harnessing the power and creative potential of your mind, you’ll use carefully selected thoughts, visualizations, and messages that will lead to positive real-life actions as a musician.

The power of the mind is not a new idea. Philosophers have known for centuries that positive or negative thoughts can shape the human experience and impact performance – in fact it was Marcus Aurelias who said over a thousand years ago that “our life is what our thoughts make it”

And the same is true for your journey as a musician. It’s your mental approach to music that will either set you on the path to achieving your goals or leave you frustrated and struggling in the practice room.

Throughout the course you’ll learn to use essential mental tools like meditation, self hypnosis, affirmation, mantras, and visualization to reprogram how you relate to the practice and performance of music.

Trust me…things like affirmations and mantras can sound a bit ‘new agey’ at first, but in this program they’re simply tools that will do one simple thing: create positive thought patterns in your mind.

Reprogramming the Mind Tools

Over the course of each daily lesson you’ll gradually remove the mental barriers and limiting mindsets that are negatively affecting your performance and replace them with positive affirmations and beliefs that will lead to real results in your playing.

NOTE: This is a digital product. Your purchase will be available immediately via a download link.

Get Reprogramming The Musical Mind for only $42.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

In over 30 tracks with 9 hours of audio, you’ll:

  • Reframe the way you think about and relate to music
  • Create the perfect practice mindset
  • Train your mind and body how to relax during performance
  • Unlock your creative potential and musical confidence
  • Rediscover the joy of making music

With the skills you acquire in this course you’ll be able to free your mind from the negative thoughts and attitudes that hinder the creative spirit.

Preview the course

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Inside Reprogramming the Musical Mind you’ll find 30 daily lessons aimed at leading you to your optimal creative state as a musician.

To get a better idea about how the process works, listen to the ‘Welcome‘ track below :


Want to know more? Here’s a sneak peek of your first lesson (Day #1) Get comfortable, close your eyes and give the audio your full attention…


In Reprogramming the Musical Mind we’ll bring into focus the important mental elements of music that most musicians forget about – skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.

At the start of each section, you’ll listen to a brief lecture about the problems you’re going to focus on and solve. Each day of the course is set up sequentially, building upon the day that came before it gradually mixing in new affirmations, visualizations and ideas, while strengthening what you worked on in previous days.

Simply press play and follow along.

In time, these ideas and affirmations will become your own, leading you to new beliefs and actions in your daily life.

Creating Actions in Your Life

By focusing on the right ideas – training your mind and body to act, feel, and perform the way you want it to – you’ll begin to achieve your musical goals.

NOTE: This is a digital product. Your purchase will be available immediately via a download link.

Get Reprogramming The Musical Mind for only $42.

An effective 3 step process

There are dozens of books available that proclaim the power of positive thinking…

However, telling a player to “Imagine a great performance,” or to simply relax isn’t going to magically result in a great performance. That’s because it’s attacking the symptoms of the problem without any real world applications or plans of action.

To be effective, you need to make a change at a much deeper level. Before you even get to performing or practicing, you need to make a change at the root of the problem.

In this course you’ll learn techniques that are specifically tailored to the musical situations that you’ll face everyday – from the practice room to the stage and everywhere in-between.

A great performance starts in the practice room. If your practice mindset lacks, so will your performance. And a great practice mindset is grounded in how you relate to music, your actual personal relationship to music.

In Reprogramming the Musical Mind, you’ll learn 3 key steps that will allow you to reach your optimal state as a musician:

Three aspects to optimal creative musical state

  • In days 1-10 of the course you’ll learn to reframe how you relate to music
  • Then during the next 10 you’ll take a close look at how you approach practicing
  • And in the final 10 days of the course you’ll focus on reprogramming your mind and body for performance

Once you complete the course, review tracks are provide to periodically brush up on your newly acquired skills.

NOTE: This is a digital product. Your purchase will be available immediately via a download link.

Get Reprogramming The Musical Mind for only $42.

Is this the right program for you?

Reprogramming the Musical Mind is built for musicians of all skill levels and genres, focusing on the situations that every musician deals with day in and day out.

If you’re frustrated with your musical progress and you know you have more musical potential you will greatly benefit from this 30 day course.

From music performance anxiety to dealing with competition, this course will walk you through step-by-step how to overcome these obstacles.

Imagine entering your practice room with a clear mind and a defined goal…

Picture walking on stage with confidence and creative freedom…

In Reprogramming the Musical Mind you’ll finally learn the skills that will allow you to master and unlock your musical potential.

Get Reprogramming The Musical Mind for only $42.

  • 25 page booklet outlining the process
  • Over 30 tracks totaling over 9 hours of audio
  • A lifetime of free updates.