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"10 Tips Every Improvisor Needs to Know"

5 Must-Know Bebop Tactics From Sonny Stitt

Forrest 13 minute read

And to gain this understanding, jazz education has produced many books, theories, and massive collections of bebop licks that attempt to distill the greatness of this particular set of jazz language down to its essence. In fact years ago, I can recall buying all sorts of books on how to ...Read More

What Most Players Are Missing When They Transcribe Solos…

Eric 11 minute read

After a few hours or maybe a few days…you’ve got it! The secrets you were searching for are revealed. The exact notes right there on the page, the very scales and lines of the greats staring you in the face. Sounds great right?? But here’s the frustrating thing – even ...Read More

15 Mistakes Beginner Jazz Improvisers Make

Forrest 26 minute read

Why is it that only a select few make huge leaps forward in the first couple years of practicing jazz, while most beginners get left in the dust? Do some just have more natural talent or better teachers? What sets these high-achieving beginners apart?? While talent and teachers can definitely ...Read More

6 Surprisingly Modern Solo Techniques from Louis Armstrong

Eric 11 minute read

But for many musicians today, his music can seem old hat, antiquated, and even irrelevant – I mean what can you actually learn from a bunch of old recordings made before the advent of bebop, Kind of Blue, and all the of “modern” stuff we listen to today?? The surprising ...Read More

How to Play V7 to I like a Pro: 5 Techniques from the Masters

Eric 9 minute read

Contrary to all the stories you hear or the pressure you might feel, you don’t have to conquer huge goals or create drastic change within the space of a thirty minute practice session. In fact, approaching music with this expectation can be discouraging and even counter-productive! However, to start making ...Read More

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Forrest Wernick

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Eric O'donnell

Originally from Northeast Ohio, he moved to New York/New Jersey to go to graduate school. He's studied with greats such as Bill Mobley, Mulgrew Miller, Ingrid Jensen, and many more. In his free time he's usually working out, reading, or training for a marathon.

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Melodic Power Course

Melodic Power Course

A powerful Video Course & eBook for all levels, that will guide you through the nuts-and-bolts of how to improvise strong melodies on the most common chords.

Jazz Visualization Course

Jazz Visualization Course

In this course, you'll discover techniques for mastering chord symbols, chord tones and common progressions on a deeper level than ever before.

Ear Training Method

The Ear Training Method

The Ear Training Method is an in-depth ear training course designed to quickly improve your ear. Break free from the written page and play the music you hear.

Reprogramming The Musical Mind

Reprogramming The Musical Mind

Reprogramming The Musical Mind is a 30 day audio course for every musician which reprograms your mind to reach your optimal creative state as a musician.