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Jazzadvice is a rapidly growing collection of in-depth jazz lessons based upon the best advice we’ve picked up along the way on our never-ending path of musical development.

What ever it may be, no matter how seemingly simple or complex, our lessons will make you a better musician and a more creative individual, pushing you towards your own goals.

The purpose of this site is to help you grow as a  musician and an individual. We’re sharing with you concepts, ideas, and tactics that we’ve picked up over the years.

And much of the advice we have was passed down to us directly from outstanding and in many cases, legendary players. It’s our sincere hope that the information on this site propels you to new heights and encourages you on your journey.

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About Forrest Wernick

Forrest Wernick

From the Bay Area, he’s lived throughout the country in California, Colorado, and New York, learning and playing music. He’s studied extensively with Rich Perry, Mulgrew Miller, and a whole lot of other amazing musicians. When he’s not playing saxophone, you can find him traveling, writing, trail running, boxing, and training in Muay Thai.


University of Denver, Lamont School of Music, Jazz Studies/Saxophone, BM

William Paterson University, Jazz Studies/Saxophone, MM


Studied extensively with: Art Bouton, Eric Gunnison, Harold Mabern, Rich Perry

Took a few lessons with: Adam Niewood, David Demsey, Donny McCaslin, Peter Sommer, Rich Chiaraluce, Seamus Blake

Some other teachers I spent a lot of time with were: Al Hood, Keith Oxman, Kenny Walker, Mulgrew Miller

About Eric O’Donnell

Eric O'Donnell

Originally from Northeast Ohio, he moved to New York/New Jersey to go to graduate school. He’s studied with greats such as Bill Mobley, Mulgrew Miller, Ingrid Jensen, and many more. In his free time he’s usually working out, reading, or training for a marathon.


University of Akron, Jazz Studies/Trumpet, BM, Classical Performance/Trumpet, BM

William Paterson University Jazz Performance/Trumpet MM


Studied extensively with: Jack Schantz, Scott Johnston, Bill Mobley, Dave Rogers

Took a few lessons from: Ingrid Jensen and Laurie Frink

Also worked closely with Mulgrew Miller