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Jazz Theory Unlocked

Did you know that jazz theory today has HUGE holes in it? And that these holes cause most of the problems that are holding you back from playing jazz tunes the way you want to?

Jazz theory today is based on “modal” thinking – A bunch of scales that you quickly memorize and apply to each chord using various rules…

And this method is fine for getting your foot in the door, but fails as you try to move up to the next level because it skips over some of the key components of what’s actually going on in the music.

Now I learned this the hard way…

I went years memorizing chords to tunes and applying scales to them without a complete understanding of what was really going on in the changes. I was in the dark, and deep down I knew it. I had a million questions as to why certain things were the way they were in jazz, and I couldn’t find the answers anywhere.

After years of struggling, I figured out that the thing I lacked then is exactly what so many others are lacking today: A Strong Understanding of Harmony.

And the great news is, you don’t have to waste years to acquire this skill and figure everything out on your own like I did. In this course, we’ve paved your way to understanding harmony and theory once and for all.

Welcome to Jazz Theory Unlocked

Start learning jazz harmony like a pro…

With Jazz Theory Unlocked, you’ll finally uncover the secrets to understanding harmony and approaching chord progressions like a pro, learning the underlying logic to why everything in jazz works the way it does.

You see, musical masters like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and countless others weren’t guessing at what to play, randomly mixing notes from scales and modes, or wondering how to connect the chords in jazz tunes…

They improvised with a deep understanding and mastery of harmony – from individual chords all the way to the progressions in jazz standards. And sadly, this skill has been lost in the modern approach to jazz theory.

In this course you’ll rediscover this lost skill of the masters.

Using the fundamental principles inside, you’ll learn to see harmony and chord progressions in a new light. No more guessing why a chord is there in the progression, and no more fumbling through the chord changes trying to connect two seemingly unrelated chords…

Everything is related and connected, but no one ever bothered to teach you how. And this is what’s holding you back…

Your ability to play a jazz solo the way you want to, compose easily, and improvise creatively is directly related to how you understand harmony – this is why you need this course, because to really play a tune, you have to understand functional harmony on a deep level, where everything comes from, and how everything is related.

Everything is connected

Let’s dive into some of the specifics of the course…

Jazz Theory Unlocked Lessons

Jazz Theory Unlocked is split into five parts containing over 60 videos. Each part contains step-by-step lessons that you simply follow to learn the information.

The process is easy…

  1. Watch the videos and pay close attention
  2. Study the information and absorb it
  3. Complete the assignments

By going through this 3 step process, you’ll quickly gain a better understanding of jazz theory and harmony than ever before.

Jazz Theory Unlocked is your personal guide to understanding jazz harmony the way professional jazz musicians do.

Jazz Theory Unlocked Course

With this course, you’ll acquire the essential skills you need to start understanding jazz tunes on a deeper level:

  • You’ll understand the WHY behind every chord in a tune
  • You’ll stop relying on scales for your theory understanding
  • You’ll be able to identify the “story” behind every tune, making it easy to build your repertoire and memorize anything you desire.

The entire course is 100% online. All you have to do is watch the engaging video lectures, absorb the information, and do the assignments. Simply start watching the videos and you’re on your way!!

Get Jazz Theory Unlocked now for $99

Over 60 animated Video Lectures – Handcrafted videos that articulate difficult concepts in a simple, fun, and easy to understand way.

15 Step-by-Step Lessons – All the subtle details, directions, and tips you need to master the information and improve FAST broken down into clear lessons & assignments.

A Lifetime’s Worth of Knowledge – This course is packed to give you a deeper understanding of harmony than ever before

Here’s How it Works:

  1. The $99 is a one-time purchase using PayPal or credit card
  2. Create a new Jazzadvice account, or if you’ve purchased from us before, use your email and password you used previously
  3. That’s it! Log in for lifetime access to your course. Note it’s all online, you need an internet connection. Nothing is shipped to you.

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With Jazz Theory Unlocked, you’ll have a whole jazz theory SYSTEM at your fingertips

We know what it’s like…

One confusing tidbit of theory after another with no big picture. Well, in Jazz Theory Unlocked, we don’t just give you a bunch of information and tell you to hope for the best…We give you a whole system to understand chords and progressions!

  • The Framework of the 9 Elements – Inside, we’ll share with you this powerful tool that will allow you to breakdown any jazz standard and understand the underlying logic like never before.
  • The Framework of Diminished Chords – Diminished chords are notably tricky. But what if you had an easy way to think about them? And that’s exactly what you’ll get. All the instruction you need to finally have a solid diminished chord framework operating in your mind all the time.
  • Multiple Frameworks of Harmonic Possibility – Up to this point in your jazz improvisation journey, it’s probably been a mystery as to what’s harmonically possible at a any given time. This leads to a world of confusion and misunderstanding. But with the multiple frameworks we give you on Major and Minor Harmony, and how to get beyond them, you’ll have a clear view of harmonic possibility once and for all.

If you’re operating with only pieces of information or an incomplete view, it’s time to remedy that by learning the whole system that we share with you in this course.

What makes Jazz Theory Unlocked different?

This course certainly is different.

Instead of giving you a bunch of scale choices and showing you how to apply them to chords like most jazz theory today is all about, this course gives you a strong foundation in harmony…

In 5 parts, with over 60 videos, you’ll learn…

  • Where chords actually come from and how they behave
  • How to build Major Harmony from the ground up, every detail
  • How to build Minor Harmony and all the issues that trip everyone up
  • How Major & Minor harmony interact and connect
  • How jazz musicians can expand their harmonic universe
  • The deeper side of dominant chords and alterations
  • The true role of diminished chords and how to approach them
  • How chords move and all the reasons behind why
  • How tunes are put together and what makes them stand out
  • How composers use a particular way of thinking to achieve the unexpected

By using a unique way to teach you the complex concepts of music theory and harmony, Jazz Theory Unlocked explores all this and a whole lot more…

Rather than making you study a dense theory book and boring you with loads of scales or rules that don’t ultimately help you, we’ve constructed fun and engaging video lectures that break down everything you need to know in a clear and concise way.

Here’s what makes the course & teaching style so special…

  • It’s Super Visual – Most jazz theory books, classes, or programs are built around standard music notation and classical musical excerpts. This isn’t. In this course we present the information in a highly visual way including tons of diagrams and drawings that will aid in your ability to mentally conceptualize harmony. This is a game changer for jazz musicians who need everything functioning clearly in their mind.
  • It’s Fun & Engaging – Forget the dull and dry theory you’re used to…this course teaches you in a fun and casual manner, something everyone can relate to. Through this entertaining style, you’ll easily retain the information and understand it on a deep level. You won’t be falling asleep or struggling with technical jargon.
  • It Guides You Through Every Detail – More often than not, jazz theory today skips important steps while attempting to teach vital concepts, glossing over the many details that matter. Instead, we guide you the entire way, making sure that these important details don’t slip through the cracks because when it comes to jazz, a lot of your understanding comes directly from these subtle details.
  • It’s Built Around Real Problems – Every piece of this course is rooted in a real problem that we personally struggled with because we see the same struggles holding back most students today. In the videos, we’ve shared with you our aha moments, giving you the insights you need to break through.
  • It Highlights the Differences With Jazz – Most music theory today is a hodgepodge of classical music theory, modal thinking, and scale application, but none of these actually get to the heart of the matter. Jazz is different than any other music and it’s time that a theory course take that into account. We do, which allows us to shed light on problems that have been completely ignored by modern jazz education. When you treat jazz as the unique music it is, the theory becomes a lot more clear.

All you have to do is watch and learn as we illustrate key components of jazz theory that have never been given the necessary attention. Simply go at your pace, pause the videos on key diagrams and review the information as much as you like.

And when you’re ready, you can work on the lesson assignments to strengthen everything you’ve learned and put it into practice. With this course you’ll gain a deeper understanding of jazz theory and harmony than ever before…

Every great jazz musician has a deep understanding of harmony. With the information contained in this course, you can finally join the ranks of these great improvisers.

Are You Ready to Unlock Jazz Theory?

I wish I had this course 20 years ago…

It completely unlocks your understanding of jazz theory so you can become a better musician, improviser, and composer.

Compose Music

You’ll be able to think like a composer, understanding the decisions they make, and have all the necessary tools at your disposal to make similar decisions if you so choose.

You’ll hear the changes more easily and be able to think through them in a more logical way…

And you’ll finally understand the WHY behind every chord, alteration, and progression and know exactly how tunes are constructed, allowing you to approach the chord changes like a pro.

Jazz Band

With Jazz Theory Unlocked, this is all within your grasp…

  • Become an improviser that knows how to navigate the changes with ease
  • Understand how to compose and think through tunes like the masters
  • Get out of the dark when it comes to music theory and harmony!

Start the course today and grow your theory and harmony understanding beyond what you ever thought possible…

What People Are Saying

I just got your Jazz Theory course and bro…it’s off the chain good!!! I’ve just finished Part One. I couldn’t put it down…it’s THAT good…it answered SO many questions. Jazz Theory Unlocked is like Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History Of Time” for Jazz Theory! It’s that incisive and clear.

– Kevin P.

I just wanted to thank the creators of jazz theory unlocked; it has been a total pleasure to learn from you. The material is presented clearly and effectively, and after going through the lessons I feel I now have the framework I have been searching for to apply to my playing. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of functional jazz harmony.

– Vanessa K.

Just wanted to reach out and let you know how incredible your Jazz Theory course is. All the courses are wonderfully thorough and have been a great resource over the years. Jazzadvice material is always presented in an excellent way and stands out from the fluff and unfinished courses that exist out in the wild. Thank you for all the the work you do!

– Jeff T.

How you presented the information was FABULOUS! I really believe I have not seen a better way of presenting this information. Thank you for that. It is well worth $99.0 for the course – and I am very schooled in the discipline. Imagine how one will feel who knows little about jazz theory.

– Bruce B.

Just would like to pass on my thanks for creating Jazz Theory Unlocked. It has been a game changer for me – spending hours of personal study time over the last few years trying to link all this important Jazz theory together has now become so much better with Jazz Theory Unlocked. The presentation is outstanding and so easy to study many times over. I look forward to any future courses in the same format.

– Philip C.

Just another word of kudos on your Jazz Theory Unlocked Course…it’s CRAZY GOOD!!! It’s so practical, giving the foundations for the things musicians actually need to know while playing….It’s making me really enjoy theory for the very first time (I’ve taken college theory & many other theory courses over the years) While previously it was something I held onto for dear life and tolerated because I had to, your course is actually enjoyable. Again, great job…it’s sooo needed!!!

– A followup from Kevin after using the course for a few weeks

Get Jazz Theory Unlocked now for $99

Over 60 animated Video Lectures – Handcrafted videos that articulate difficult concepts in a simple, fun, and easy to understand way.

15 Step-by-Step Lessons – All the subtle details, directions, and tips you need to master the information and improve FAST broken down into clear lessons & assignments.

A Lifetime’s Worth of Knowledge – This course is packed to give you a deeper understanding of harmony than ever before

Here’s How it Works:

  1. The $99 is a one-time purchase using PayPal or credit card
  2. Create a new Jazzadvice account, or if you’ve purchased from us before, use your email and password you used previously
  3. That’s it! Log in for lifetime access to your course. Note it’s all online, you need an internet connection. Nothing is shipped to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: You can easily pay by credit card or Paypal.

Q: How do I access my course?
A: Once you buy the course, you simply log in to your account. Your “Dashboard” gives you easy access to all your courses, downloads, and membership benefits. Please note that this particular course is different than our other courses – it’s all online and there is nothing to download.

Q: What format is the course in?
A: This course is 100% online, so you need a stable internet connection to watch the videos and explore the content. Nothing is downloadable. (Please note that other courses we offer are different as they are downloadable from your Dashboard in Zip format).

Q: Is there a discount if I buy all the Courses?
A: Yes! If you purchase all five Fundamental Courses together, you get a big discount and 50% off your first year of Premium. Click here for details about this Jazzadvice Course Bundle.

Q: Do I get a discount on this course if I purchased the 4 course Bundle?
A: No. Any Bundle you purchase only includes the courses that are available at the time of your purchase, not new courses we release at a later date.

Q: Do the courses ever go on sale?
A: No. We believe in offering our courses at the same fair price all the time.

Q: Do I need to read music for this course?
A: No. You do not need to read music, but a basic understanding of major and minor scales will help tremendously.

Q: Who is this course for?
A: We’re not going to lie. This course isn’t for everyone. If  you’re looking for a quick short cut, an escape from daily practice, or a way to fake it on stage without building the necessary skills, then you should look elsewhere. This course is for people who want to build a strong foundation in music theory and harmony for jazz – people who are willing to put their ego aside, study the information, do the assignments, and apply what they’re learning. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love this course.

Q: I’m not a jazz musician. Can I still use this course?
A: Yes, Jazz Theory Unlocked benefits musicians of all styles. The truth is…the ability to understand harmony and the elements of music isn’t limited to jazz – it’s an essential skill for anyone practicing or performing music. Whether you’re a performer, a composer, a music teacher, or an aspiring improviser, a deeper understanding of harmony will help you.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee or a refund if I don’t like it?
A: No. We do not give refunds or money back guarantees. We’ve spent years developing and refining each course. If you’re lazy or think you know everything already, just don’t buy the course, because it takes a ton of work – a consistent effort, desire, and an open mind. If you genuinely wish to get better and enjoy the process of doing so, then you’ll really enjoy this course and get a lot out of it. It’s simple: if you follow the plan and put in the practice time, you will improve.

Q: Who can use my purchased course?
A: Only the one person who buys it. That’s it. No part of any course may be shared or redistributed. We will immediately revoke access for any user that violates these terms without a refund.

Q: Is this course easy enough for beginners?
A: Yes, but some basic knowledge of major and minor scales is suggested. If you’re the kind of person that’s willing to google the things they don’t understand, then you’ll be fine.

Q: Does Premium come with this Course?
A: No. The five Fundamental Courses, including this one, are standalone, completely separate from your premium membership. If you’re interested in purchasing both The Fundamental Courses and Premium, make sure to check out The Courses and Premium Bundle.

Q: I’m an intermediate or advanced player. Will this course be good for me?
A: Yes. The knowledge presented in this course is a lifetime of information that will help intermediate and advanced players fill the gaps in the theory knowledge and reframe their perspective on things they didn’t fully understand.

Q: I’m a teacher. Can I use my purchased course in the classroom?
A: No. All of our course purchases are for one user only, the person who buys it. Please respect our copyrights and do not illegally distribute any part of our courses. Instead, please direct your students to make their own course purchase. If you have multiple interested students we may offer a group discount.

Q: Which course should I start with?
A: You can start with any course and they can all be used at the same time because they compliment each other. For more info, check out our suggested order of study.

Q: What instrument(s) is this course for?
A: All instruments can use this course.

We’re here to help…

We made this course to give you the necessary fundamentals needed as a jazz musician. If you have any questions at all about the course, we’re more than happy to answer them.