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Are you improvising aimlessly with scales hoping that you’ll eventually figure it out? It’s time you understand the missing piece of the puzzle…

Start the Melodic Power Course and learn the powerful jazz language and melodic techniques of the legends to improvise STRONG melodic lines in any situation

I remember it well…

When I first started to learn to improvise, even within the first few weeks, my teacher explained how scales were the real key to jazz improvisation – that if I “knew” my scales, that I would become a great jazz improvisor.

So, I diligently practiced all my scales. Up and down, forward and backward, every which way I could possibly think of…But, when I went to improvise, it still didn’t sound like my heroes. In fact, it sounded as though I was just “noodling” around aimlessly.

The years went by. I learned more about harmony, I transcribed my heroes, but things still didn’t sound right. And then finally, I realized I was approaching it ALL wrong.

You see, jazz improvisation is not about messing around within a scale, or playing “right” notes. And it’s not about playing the licks of your heroes or playing in the style of someone else. It’s about playing strong melodic lines that flow beautifully from one to the next – it’s about telling a story.

Jazz Language & Melodic techniques are the missing piece of the puzzle

Transitioning from improvising “right” notes to meaningful melodies is quite a mystery to most. Ask many players and they’ll just tell you “transcribe” or that “all the secrets are on the recordings of your heroes,” and while this advice is true, it lacks direction…

Transcribing will only get you so far. It’s how you interpret the information and what you do with it that makes all the difference.

This course bridges the gap between transcribing your heroes and acquiring jazz language – It teaches you how to distill language into clear melodic techniques that will become part of your own improvisational arsenal.

We’ll dive into a ton of jazz language, and reveal dozens of melodic techniques from some of the best performers of all time – John Coltrane, Michael Brecker, Mulgrew Miller, Clifford Brown, Stan Getz, and more, while giving you THE RECIPE to incorporate their knowledge into your playing in a systematic way.

Melodic Power Lessons

Through a unique step-by-step lesson plan, you’ll conceptualize each melodic technique and practice it in such a way that it becomes a part of you, ready to use over the jazz tunes you’re working on.

The eBook guides you the whole way and the video demos give you a clear model to work from, walking you through exactly what you’re hearing as you watch, with inline-text-tips.

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In 42 lessons, 207 pages, and 5 hours of video you’ll:

  • Acquire powerful jazz language you can use on any jazz standard
  • Learn how to actually make use of the solos and licks you transcribe
  • Transcend music theory and scales
  • Connect your ear, mind, and fingers
  • Learn to play what you hear
  • Improve your ear, technique, and ability every single day
  • Get a stronger foundation on the fundamental jazz chords
  • Understand how to practice and incorporate new material
  • Build musical confidence in any harmonic situation
  • Feel more creative and lyrical when you solo
  • Expand your soloing concept to endless melodic possibility

And even after using the course for just a few weeks, you’ll start to build your arsenal of melodic techniques and have the know-how to add more. That’s right. You’re not just learning the techniques in the course – you’re also developing the skill to discover and create your own.

Get The Melodic Power Course now for $99

  • 207 page eBook – Organized into 42 step-by-step lessons with over 200 detailed and demoed exercises!
  • Over 5 hours of video demos – HD streamable video links give you the ability to watch from all your devices, no matter where you are
  • Powerful Jazz Language – Melodic techniques so effective and applicable, you can start using them instantly
  • Dozens of transcribed lines from the jazz greats – Written out and explained
  • This course is for ALL instruments – Every instrument will greatly benefit from this course and the exercises are provided for C, Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef instruments
  • Every exercise is written out in all keys – No need to write out anything yourself

Here’s how it works:

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  2. You’ll create a new Jazzadvice account, or if you’ve purchased from us before, use your email and password you used previously
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This course is packed with information. In fact, there’s enough here to practice not for months, but years. Well, once you grab the course, you have lifetime access, so you can be sure you have all the time necessary to work through the course.

The Melodic Power Course Lessons

The course is broken down into 8 sections, each containing 5-10 lessons. The 8 sections explore a crucial improvisational concept in extreme detail.

The Melodic Power Course Introduction

This chapter is incredibly important, as it illustrates where melodic techniques fit into the larger scheme of things. You can read the entire Melodic Power Introduction for free if you’re interested.

Section 1 – Triadic Techniques

In this first section we’ll share some extremely powerful jazz improvisation techniques that will finally allow you to use triads without sounding mechanical or boring.

Section 2 – Arpeggio Techniques

Learn how to think about arpeggios in a whole new way. This section will totally shift how you use arpeggios over jazz chords.

Section 3 – Scalar Techniques

Scales are the root of so many people’s problems. But, understood correctly, scales give you an incredibly powerful tool that won’t constrict you, even over difficult chord progressions.

Section 4 – Approach Note Techniques

Now that you’re getting the basics under your belt, you’ll learn how to add dimension to your lines using subtle approach notes.

Section 5 – Enclosure Techniques

Enclosure takes approach notes to a new level. In this section you’ll learn the favorite enclosure techniques of the jazz masters.

Section 6 – Chromatic Techniques

Chromaticism used effectively unlocks your improvisational freedom. The techniques in this section will walk you through this commonly misunderstood topic, in a systematic way.

Section 7 – Cell Techniques

Some of the greatest improvisers to ever live like John Coltrane, Woody Shaw, and Michael Brecker used Cell Techniques to differentiate their melodic lines. In this chapter you’ll acquire some of the most powerful cells out there.

Section 8 – Harmonic Perspective Techniques

The way you interpret chords has a tremendous affect on what you play. In this final section you’ll acquire some of the techniques that professional jazz musicians use to create long interesting lines with direction and purpose.

You can Get The Melodic Power Course right now for just $99

  • Stop wondering how to go from playing scales to playing lyrical melodies
  • Learn the most effective way to practice jazz improvisation
  • Build a solid foundation on the chords used in nearly EVERY tune
  • Acquire jazz language and jazz improvisation techniques FAST

For the cost of a couple private lessons, you’re getting 42 hand-crafted lessons, with detailed instruction of WHAT to practice and HOW to use everything you’re learning.

  • 207 page eBook – 42 step-by-step lessons, 200 detailed exercises!
  • Over 5 hours of video demos – HD streamable video, watch anywhere!
  • All exercises are written out in all keys – Provided for C, Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef instruments!

Here’s how it works:

  1. The $99 is a one-time purchase using PayPal or credit card
  2. You’ll create a new Jazzadvice account, or if you’ve purchased from us before, use your email and password you used previously
  3. That’s it! Log in, and you’ll have access to download your course, as well as any online materials. Note that this is a DIGITAL course and nothing will be shipped to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: You can easily pay by credit card or Paypal.

Q: How do I access my course?
A: Once you buy the course, you simply log in to your account. Your “Dashboard” gives you easy access to all your courses, downloads, and membership benefits.

Q: What format is the course in?
A: Courses are downloadable from your Dashboard in Zip format. The Zip file contains MP3s (audio) and PDF (eBook). The videos are streamable online, so you need an internet connection to watch the videos as they are not downloadable.

Q: Is there a discount if I buy all the Courses?
A: Yes! If you purchase all five Fundamental Courses together, you’ll get a big discount and receive 50% off your first year of Premium. Click here for details about this Jazzadvice Course Bundle.

Q: I’m not a jazz musician. Can I still use this course?
A: Yes! No matter what style of music you play, you will greatly benefit from this course. We’ve had people write in that play Bluegrass, Rock, Classical…you name it! They all report that the course helped them immensely.

Q: Why is it $99? That seems expensive!
A: It’s funny when people think that $99 is expensive. Between us and our dear parents, God-bless ’em, we’ve easily spent a million dollars on acquiring the knowledge we have. Private lessons, music school…none of it’s cheap.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee or a refund if I don’t like it?
A: No. We do not give refunds or money back guarantees. We’ve spent years developing and refining each course. If you’re lazy or think you know everything already, just don’t buy the course, because it takes a ton of work – a consistent effort, desire, and an open mind. If you genuinely wish to get better and enjoy the process of doing so, then you’ll really enjoy this course and get a lot out of it. It’s simple: if you follow the plan and put in the practice time, you will improve.

Q: Who can use my purchased Course?
A: Only the one person who buys it. That’s it. No part of any Course may be shared or redistributed. We will immediately revoke access for any user that violates these terms without a refund.

Q: Is this course easy enough for beginners?
A: The Melodic Power Course can be used by people of all levels, but definitely requires some basic chord and improvisational knowledge. If you’re the kind of person that’s willing to google the things they don’t understand, then you’ll be fine.

Q: I’m an intermediate or advanced player. Will this course be good for me?
A: Absolutely. The techniques you learn in this course are extremely valuable even if you’re a professional player. Chances are there a different perspectives on things you’ve worked on before, which will greatly expand you’re melodic and harmonic know-how.

Q: I’m a teacher. Can I use my purchased course in the classroom?
A: No. All of our course purchases are for one user only, the person who buys it. Please respect our copyrights and do not illegally distribute any part of our courses. Instead, please direct your students to make their own course purchase. If you have multiple interested students we may offer a group discount.

Q: Does Premium come with this Course?
A: No. The five Fundamental Courses, including this one, are standalone, completely separate from your premium membership. If you’re interested in purchasing both The Fundamental Courses and Premium, make sure to check out The Courses and Premium Bundle.

Q: Which course should I start with?
A: You can start with any course and they can all be used at the same time because they compliment each other. For more info, check out our suggested order of study.

Q: What instrument(s) is this course for?
A: All instruments can use this course. The Exercise Book is provided for C, Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef Instruments.

Q: Will chording instruments like piano and guitar benefit from this course?
A: Yes. We’ve received many emails from guitarists and pianists saying that the course helped them learn and understand melodic lines on a much deeper level. The concepts are melodic–one note following another–not chording concepts, and they are demonstrated on the saxophone.

We’re here to help…

We made this course to give you the necessary fundamentals needed as a jazz musician. If you have any questions at all about the course, we’re more than happy to answer them.