Visualization for Jazz Improvisation

Discover how to learn chords, lines, and tunes faster than ever before

Visualization For Jazz Improvisation

“Visualization for Jazz Improvisation” is an eBook & Audio Course for all levels, that will transform your understanding of jazz music theory into practical usable knowledge. Learn all this information QUICKLY for only $37!

  • Practice anywhere, without your instrument!
  • Learn to play tunes, patterns, and lines in all keys!
  • Learn to think like a professional jazz musician!
  • Build a strong musical foundation that you’ll have forever!
  • Improve your improvisational skills FAST!

Visualization For Jazz Improvisation Course

  • 179 page eBook – every detail of jazz visualization explained from chords and chord-tones all the way to root movement and tunes. Discover the exact techniques and exercises that will lead you to musical freedom!
  • 98 audio exercise tracks – high-quality MP3 tracks give you the ability to drill and master all the material presented anywhere you might be.
  • THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT – nothing will be shipped to you. All materials can be downloaded immediately from the internet.

The struggle is real…

Right now you might be struggling to memorize dozens of tunes, chords, and scales, or practice lines in all keys. Or maybe you’re just starting out on your musical journey and don’t even know where to begin with all of those confusing chord symbols, progressions and keys…

We’ve been there. And if you keep relying on the standard methods, it’s not going to get any easier. Playing an instrument has many challenging physical elements, but the solution to all musical difficulties begins in the mind.

Creating a next-generation jazz theory course

Introducing Visualization for Jazz Improvisation, the course by Jazzadvice that’s 100% dedicated to helping you ingrain the fundamentals of jazz music theory so you can finally connect with your inner creativity!

Because jazz improvisation is a real-time activity, there’s no time to stop and think…that’s why we’ve developed a program that teaches you to break free from music theory and start focusing on the creative aspects of making music.

Here’s what you get

  • Detailed instruction – we’ll guide you through the entire journey. Every exercise builds on the last ensuring you keep up with the concepts the whole time.
  • Approachable for beginners – challenging enough for professionals. If you’re a beginner, this course will immediately get you started on the right track. And if you’re a professional, there’s plenty here for you too…some of these exercises get really hard!!!
  • A lifetime of practice material – No matter where you’re at, there’s enough material in here to keep you busy for a lifetime of improvement!
  • Free updates for life – We periodically do major updates to this course and you get them for free!
  • Over the course of 179 pages and 98 audio tracks you’ll:
  • Discover the secret to unlocking the power of scales
  • Gain instant mental-access to every chord-tone in any situation
  • Ingrain the common jazz chord progressions in all keys
  • Learn the easiest ways to approach tunes in all keys
  • Understand the importance of root movement
  • Take your jazz language to new heights
  • Achieve more freedom in all keys than you’ve ever had

What people are saying

The skills taught in the book provide an approach to improvisation that is more fundamental and important than any music theory you will ever learn. Being able to visualize a chord progression while improvising is a truly freeing and calming experience. Thanks for this ebook and helping me get out of a musical rut in my development as a jazz improvisor.

Dylan Q

To me inspiration is a key motivator that needs a constant update, something that jazzadvice provides. A new perspective on old subjects can get me practicing with enthusiasm again which is my experience with your eBook. I find I can actually see sheet music I have memorized, something I didn’t think possible. Up to now I could feel it in my fingers and hear it, now I can see it too. Thanks!

Max Stallybrass

Actual pages from the book

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Listen to this introduction to get a feel for what visualization is all about...

Visualization For Jazz Improvisation Course

  • 179 page eBook - the clear direction you need to get started quickly and improve rapidly!
  • 98 audio exercise tracks - take them anywhere and practice on-the-go!
  • THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT - nothing will be shipped to you. All materials can be downloaded immediately from the internet.

We're here to help...

We made this course to give you the necessary fundamentals needed as a jazz musician. If you have any questions at all about the course, we're more than happy to answer them.