The Secrets Behind Herbie Hancock’s One Finger Snap Solo (Premium)



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Herbie Hancock is one of the most renowned and creative musicians in the world – and for good reason! His career has bridged the gap from the roots of this music, performing with masters like Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter, to exploring the possibilities of improvisation with his own groups….

And for any musician looking to raise the bar, to develop a personal sound, and to get inspired creatively, there is no one better to study!

In the lesson below we’ll focus on one of Herbie’s most iconic solos from the album Empyrean Isles – breaking it down piece by piece and highlighting essential improvisation concepts that you can work on in the practice room.

The beauty of studying a solo from a master musician like Herbie Hancock is the sheer wealth of musical information hidden inside. After a few minutes you’ll quickly see that even the most simple lines or ideas contain important techniques and musical lessons.

This is especially true of the solo we’ll look at today. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn from this solo…

  • How to create powerful melodic statements
  • V7 language ...

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