Downloading & Transferring Courses to All Devices

The course downloads are provided in ZIP format which is a super common compressed file format, which you’ve likely used many times before.

The best way to download the package is by downloading it directly to a computer rather than trying to download the ZIP to a phone or tablet.

Phones and tablets, especially iPhones and iPads, make it slightly difficult to download ZIP files directly to the devices. However, since iOs 11, you can actually download ZIP files directly to your iPhone or iPad using the Files App, unzip them, and even view the PDFs and play the audio.

But if you have a computer we highly recommend downloading the course directly to a computer because then you have the most flexibility.

Once you’re at a computer, click the download button. If a prompt comes up asking if you want to “open” or “save” the file choose to save it. Then, navigate to where your computer saves downloads to, typically the “Downloads” folder. Find the zip file and double click it to “unzip it.” A folder will then appear next to the ZIP file containing all the files for the course.

Below are directions on how to transfer the course files from your computer to your other devices, such as your phone or tablet.

Transferring files to Your Phone or Tablet

For Android devices: See Google’s directions here

For Apple devices, there are a few ways: You can add the files to iTunes/iBooks and sync the content with your device, or put the files into a folder on a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive and then access the files using their app on your device.

Option 1 – Use iTunes & iBooks – You’ll first add the MP3 audio files to your iTunes library and the PDF to iBooks. Then you can either manually add the files to your device, or sync with the artist “Jazzadvice”:

  1. Download the ZIP file to your computer
  2. Unzip the file by double clicking it and choosing “Save” – Make sure you know where you’re saving the file to, usually it’s the “Downloads” folder.
  3. Add the MP3 audio files to your iTunes Music library – Drag and drop them into your music library or add them by clicking “File”->”Add to Library”
  4. Add the PDF files to iBooks
  5. Connect your device to your computer
  6. Open iTunes and locate the “On My Device” section on the left
  7. Add the files from your library to the appropriate section under “On My Device”: books, music, etc. OR simply sync with the artist “Jazzadvice”

For additional instructions, see Apple’s Directions:

Option 2 – Use Dropbox, Google Drive etc. – This is a really easy way to put files on all of your devices. Simply download an unzip the course files on your computer, then upload them to your cloud account (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive etc.) and then download the appropriate mobile/tablet app:

  1. Download the files to your computer
  2. Unzip the files
  3. Get an account on or Google Drive.
  4. Add unzipped files (MP3s and PDF) to your dropbox folder or Google Drive folder
  5. Download the Dropbox app or Google Drive App from the appstore
  6. Now you can see all the files on your device using the app

Option 3 – For people without a computer, or if you only want the files on your phone or tablet – If you do not have access to a computer and want to download the course files directly to your device, you can download the ZIP file straight to your phone or tablet and use the Files App on iOS or use an app like iZip if you prefer.

Please see:

Please keep in mind, we do not use, endorse, or support iZip and cannot help you with how to use it, but if you’d like to try it, please see these links:

For Apple devices: iZip for iOS
For Android devices: iZip for Android

If you’re having trouble and need assistance, please go to our Get Support page where you can get answers fast.