Charlie Parker Plays The Blues

3 Transitions in the Blues You Gotta Nail: Charlie Parker Bosses the Blues



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Blues is the backbone of so much in jazz. The melancholic feeling. The soul. The call-and-response phrasing, walking groove, and clearly defined melodic statements…blues is ingrained in jazz at its very roots. And every jazz musician at some point or another has to learn how to play the blues. There’s no way around it. If …

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Melody and Jazz Improvisation

Why Melody is the Secret to Playing Better Jazz Solos



Composition, Perspectives, Playing Techniques

Ask any musician or teacher what you should practice to develop exceptional jazz improvisation skills, and you usually hear words like “Scales” and “Modes” or “Guide-tone lines.” Sometimes even “Transcribing”… This is all useful information. And it will help you understand the harmonic function and music theory behind all those jazz standards. But it’s missing …

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