6 bad mistakes in jazz improvisation

6 Disastrous Mistakes You’re Making in Learning to Improvise



Ear Training, Jazz Advice and Tips, Perspectives

Learning to improvise is a life long pursuit. Constantly, we’re bombarded with information on how to improve. From the teachers that give us private lessons, to friends who recommend their personal practice routines, it seems there is improvement information coming from every direction! We’ll even purchase expensive books and videos, searching for  “the secret” (that …

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master your intervals in ear training

Master Your Intervals in 28 Days



Ear Training, Playing Techniques

Being able to quickly hear, sing, and accurately identify intervals is essential to developing your improvisational ear. In this article, we’ve put together a plan for you to master your intervals in 28 days… For beginners, this will give you a much needed foundation. And for more advanced players, it will give you a chance …

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